framtidens team

Niina Eriksson


I am born and raised in Stockholm, and at a young age discovered a burning interest in health, nutrition and physical activity. During my years in the health industry I developed a passion for communication and leadership. After exploring many theories and approaches to these two topics for years, I finally fastened upon the discipline of Communicology.
I was introduced to Communicology in 2001 and I have worked ever since to pass along this competence. My drive comes from helping organizations to discover the power of simplicity, and from creating greater value for coming generations as individuals and in organizational contexts. My motto: How hard can it be?!

Ewa Jonason


I am a woman full of curiosity and in the prime of life, determined to do my bit for a better – a simpler and happier – world. In my experience, adversity is a natural part of life, so I think it’s smartest to adapt to the challenges and get the most we can out of life. As Mark Levengood’s [Swedish actor/writer] grandmother says, “It’s only to fall apart and then carry on.” That captures my view and humor.
I have many years of experience in theater, radio/TV, and events. I have worked as an actor, director, writer, producer, and led teams of all sizes. My great interest in leadership, people and how they all work led to my certification in Communicology and my current work with Framtidens Team.

Peter Nilsson


My passion is to help make this a better world! Started FT in 1998 under the banner, ”If it’s not fun, it’s not interesting.” The ambition was to create a (work) life that lived up to my dreams, while helping others to live better and more simply.
I was born in Västerhaninge (Stockholm suburbs), worked in early years as a sports teacher, travled the world, studied at University of Karlstad (Masters in economics, with minors in political science and English), helped build Drivhuset in Karlstad, founded FT, became a certified Communicologist.
I love sports, nature, sailing, family life, and a good party. My motto: ”If you don’t think you can win, you’ve already lost,” which I’ve updated over the years to, ”Try – it’s not so hard!”